Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why must South African wine marketers and brand managers embrace Social media Marketing?

Rhea Drysdale wrote that social networks' market share continues to climb. She also states that Google have taken steps to embrace SMM with major updates।

What exactly is social media marketing?

Content or a marketing strategy that is submitted to social sites like social bookmark sites (, social networks (MySpace and LinkedIn), blogs, etc. It's important to note that viral marketing can be a component of SMM, but they are not one and the same।

Why should you care about social media?

Well, for starters both Google and Ask have taken steps to embrace it with major updates. Secondly, social sites don't appear to be a passing fad as the social networks' market share continues to climb.

That means there is still incredible potential for traffic, backlinks and brand awareness, social media it is not going away anytime soon, so marketers need to adapt!

Rhea Drysdale 's Social Media Marketing in 60 seconds: - Social media is here to stay

- Google and Ask recently embraced social sites with massive updates.

- If you want to dominate the SERPs, you should find an edge with social media whether it's through how-to videos, brand evangelist blogs or custom communities. Or all of the above!

- When you submit your site, brand or products, understand that just submitting content won't always translate to success. You need to work at building a relationship with relevant communities and understand the rules for each.

-Techniques vary depending on the size of your company. Big companies get away with more "spam" methods of SMO because the intent is blurred with marketing fluff.

- Have a strategy in place before you start submitting random articles to social networks.

- Not everything is worthy of buzz, so control your message

- Track your buzz!

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Marketers must be aware of this new marketing field and embrace the opportunities it brings.

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