Thursday, April 24, 2008

Google: The world’s most powerful brand

Google tops the list of the BrandZ Ranking with a brand value of US$86.1-billion followed by GE (General Electric) at US$71.4-billion and Microsoft at US$70.8-billion. The third annual BrandZ Ranking, which identifies the world’s most powerful brands as measured by their dollar value, was conducted by global market research and consulting firm Millward Brown. “This year’s brand ranking demonstrates the importance of investing in brands, especially in times of market turmoil. Strong brands generate superior returns and protect businesses from risk,” said Joanna Seddon, CEO of Millward Brown Optimor in a statement. “Our data shows that strong brands continue to outperform weak ones in terms of market share and share price during recessions.” Top 20 Brands and their values in US $ 1. Google — 86.057-billion 2. GE (General Electric) — 71,379-billion 3. Microsoft — 70,887-billion 4. Coca-Cola (includes Diet Coke) — 58,208-billion 5. China Mobile — 57,225-billion 6. IBM — 55,335-billion 7. Apple — 55,206-billion 8. McDonald’s — 49,499-billion 9. Nokia — 43,975-billion 10. Marlboro — 37,324-billion 11. Vodafone — 36,962-billion 12. Toyota — 35,134-billion 13. Wal-Mart — 34,547-billion 14. Bank of America — 33,092-billion 15. Citi — 30,318-billion 16. HP — 29,278-billion 17. BMW — 28,015-billion 18. ICBC — 28,004-billion 19. Louis Vuitton — 25,739-billion 20. American Express — 24,816-billion From:

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