Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Business Golf Etiquette

Business Golf etiquette has become a very important aspect of effective social business skills. In South Africa many business relationships are formed on the Golf Course. But unfortunately many potential business relationships were destroyed by a lack of Business Golf etiquette.

When you are hosting or invited to a business golf date, take advantage of this opportunity to project a positive image of yourself by demonstrating proper Business Golf Etiquette.

Follow these Business Golf Etiquette Tips to a tee and not only will you and your partner enjoy the day, you will also stand out as being polished, professional and trustworthy.

Scout’s Motto

Be prepared. Arrive early to get organized and to practice. Plan ahead and identify the outcomes you want from the day. These goals are just as important as any other business meeting. Prepare sound bites for your company or yourself that you can draw on if needed.

Don’t be green about the greens

Never attend a golf event for business purposes if you don’t first make the effort to learn the basic game and the lingo. You’ll only embarrass and alienate yourself and your company. Take lessons or attend a clinic.

Behave yourself

The links is not the place for you to get in touch with your inner child. No tantrums, throwing of clubs, foot stamping, swearing, whining, making excuses or indulging in other demonstrations of poor sportsmanship. Conversely, when you are playing well, be gracious. Don’t interpret the relaxed environment as an opportunity to behave in a manner unsuitable for the office, such as making jokes, gestures or remarks that may be considered by others as offensive.

Business or birdie

There is a time and place for everything. Spend the day building rapport and developing relationships. Only talk business if your guest brings it up first. Otherwise, save it for the 19th hole.

You Got Game

Don’t compromise your credibility by playing badly unless, of course, you are an Oscar winning actor. Don’t gloat when you are playing well, instead, turn it into a compliment, “You must be bringing me luck, this is my best game this year!” Sincerely compliment specific aspects of your partner’s game. Never coach or give unsolicited advice. If you are a beginner, warn your partner about your skill level and make sure they are o.k. with it.

Be an Etiquette Eagle

  1. No cell phones / pagers/ PDA’s.
  2. Always be ready for the next shot – don’t make others wait unnecessarily.
  3. Never brag or complain about the cost of membership or green fees.
  4. Take care of the course, remove your tees, replace kicked-up turf and rake after a bunker shot.
  5. Don’t walk into or cast shadows over someone’s putting line.
  6. Maintain a safe golf cart speed.
  7. Get out of the cart whenever your opponent does.
  8. Dress appropriately. If in doubt, call the club.
  9. No cheating or creative scorekeeping.
  10. Don’t distract other golfers by loud talking, laughing, and crinkling food wrappers.

Don’t let your manners be your handicap. Ace this opportunity to make a good impression and create shared memories that will enhance your business relationships and increase your bottom line.


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