Friday, February 29, 2008

Branding: Its all about sustainable business future

Ron Shevlin indicate on his blog that a Brand can create awareness, expectations, and even intention, but it doesn't close the sale.
We believe that in some cases the financial departments (bean counters) and management are guilty of trying to measure the short term ROI on branding campaigns but not seeing the big picture. This can create marketers that only play for the short term sales scoreboard. Management must understand that in order to create sustainable business, the brand must be nutured and looked after.

Although the short term sales are an important consideration for management and markerters, the long term and sustainable future of the company must be considered. This implies that branding campaigns must be judged on a longer term and with the emphasis on sustainble business future.

To read more about the ROI on brand vs the value of the brand visit:

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